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Casey Anthony Verdict Prompts Online Petition to Hold Parents Accountable for Reporting Missing Children


Last week's verdict where Casey Anthony was found not guilty of child abuse and murdering her two-year-old child, Caylee, prompted dissatisfied citizens to start an internet movement for pass legislation that would require parents and guardians to exercise responsible behavior in the event of a missing child.

Casey Anthony, a 25-year-old mother, had waited 30 days before reporting her daughter, Caylee, missing. Anthony was convicted of four misdemeanors of providing false information to the police and sentenced to four years. A judge on Thursday ruled that she could go free in late July or early August because she had already served nearly three years in jail and exhibited good behavior.

A mother in Oklahoma, Michelle Crowder, created the online petition within hours after the Casey Anthony verdict was announced. "Caylee's Law" would make it a felony for parents or caregivers' failure to report the death of a child to authorities within one hour. Caylee's Law would also make it a felony for guardians' failure to notify the disappearance of a child under the age of 12 within 24 hours.

Florida is currently pushing for Caylee's Law, while other state representatives are being encouraged by their constituents. California is likely to follow.

Michelle Crowder's Caylee's Law Online Petition can be found here:

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