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Orange County and Los Angeles County Federal Crimes And Defenses


Orange County and Los Angeles County Federal Crimes And Defenses

Many crimes can be prosecuted in both state and federal courts. A state crime is a violation of a statute or ordinance passed by the state legislature or a local authority and a federal crime is a violation of a statute passed by the United States Congress. A federal crime usually addresses criminal activity or a more national concern. FBI, DEA, Homeland Security, ATF, Secret Service etc. are part of the investigative arm of the federal government related to the investigation of federal crimes. They gather evidence for federal prosecutors in federal cases. Occasionally, state law enforcement officers work in conjunction with federal agencies as part of joint task forces. Federal prosecutors, known as Assistant United States Attorneys (AUSAs), are tasked with the responsibility of enforcing federal laws and prosecuting those who break them. They meet with federal agents and review the evidence gathered in a federal investigation. The prosecutors and federal agents work hand in hand in prosecuting a federal case in Orange County and Los Angeles and elsewhere in the country. In cases where the ASUAs are satisfied that there is enough evidence to prosecute someone for a federal crime, they file a federal indictment with the United States District Court that has jurisdiction over a particular federal case. Federal judges are primarily responsible for sentencing an individual who has committed a federal offense. The Federal Criminal Defense Attorney, the Assistant United States Attorney and the Probation Department file sentencing position papers regarding what each believe an individual charged with a federal crime should receive, but ultimately, it is up to the sentencing judge to make the final decision after consulting the Federal Sentencing Guidelines.

Drug and Narcotics Possession, Trafficking and Smuggling, Money Laundering, Conspiracy Charges, White Collar Crime, Embezzlement, Tax Fraud, Mail Fraud, Firearms and Weapons Charges, Federal Sex Trafficking Crimes, Internet crimes, Immigration - Visa Fraud, Armed bank and credit union robbery, Bank robbery, Bribery and kickback schemes, Conspiracy to commit interstate murder for hire, Drug charges and drug conspiracies, Embezzlement, Federal gun or explosives violations, Identity theft, Terrorism and national security matters are just a few crimes which may result in Federal criminal charges and serious penalties. When the federal government files criminal charges against you, your entire future will be at stake. You need to fight your federal crime allegations with the assistance of a highly respected and experienced attorney. Scott D. Hughes, a criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles and Orange County, California practicing in State and Federal Court provides superior federal criminal defense to his clients. Your initial consultation at the Law Offices of Scott D. Hughes will be conducted at no cost to you.

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