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Orange County Presentencing Report Tips


Orange County Court Judges continue to rely heavily on the recommendation of probation officers at sentencing hearings.That is why preparing a client for his or her interview can have a substantial positive impact on the probation officer’s recommendations.

It is always wise to have an Orange County Criminal Defense Lawyer accompany a client to the interview with the probation officer who will prepare the client’s presentence report.The attorney can obtain the documents and forms needed by the probation officer ahead of time and have the client complete them in advance of the interview.

The Prosecution often submits a written version of the case and its guidelines calculation, along with victim impact statements for the probation officer.The criminal defense attorney can also present his or her view of the case in a letter to the probation officer, including any cases supporting the legal position in order to provide probation with a balanced view.

After the interview, a follow-up with the probation officer before he/she completes the presentence report should be done.

The Defense attorney should also have letters of support written on behalf of the client. The letter writers should send their drafts to the attorney before sending them to the Court so that the attorney will be able to suggest any appropriate revisions.

Moreover, an experienced criminal defense lawyer will always confirm in writing from the program whether the client is potentially eligible for a Residential Drug Abuse Program.

Scott Hughes is a criminal defense lawyer in Newport Beach, California practicing in State and Federal Court.

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