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Instances of internet crime are rapidly increasing every year. In light of that, the criminal justice system in most states is taking a very strong stance on this form of fraud. If you have been charged or arrested for an internet crime or are being investigated for a cybercrime, you should protect yourself with the representation of a Newport Beach criminal defense attorney. Scott Hughes is a dedicated attorney highly knowledgeable in criminal defense law. He has successfully defended clients facing serious charges for internet crimes and other white collar crimes. See what he may be able to do for your particular situation by scheduling a case evaluation as soon as possible.

Types of Internet Crimes in Newport Beach

A Newport Beach internet crimes lawyer may be able to defend you against charges for any number of internet crimes in Newport Beach or Huntington Beach. Fraudulent internet activities include phishing, mass-market fraud, identity theft, credit card fraud, auction fraud, spoofing and other wire fraud crimes. Because of the nature of the internet, those accused of cybercrimes could be facing federal charges if the offense involves victims across state lines. Other actions that could involve federal punishment are internet crimes involving child pornography, solicitation of a minor, prostitution and other sex crimes using the internet in some way. Whether state or federal, the consequences can be severe so it is vital to have strong representation.

California Internet Crimes Penalties

The penalties and punishments for an internet crime vary depending on the severity of the crime. A conviction for a felony internet crime can bring years in prison, thousands of dollars in fines plus restitution equal to or possibly greater than the amount allegedly defrauded. The repercussions for an internet crime conviction can negatively impact your personal and professional life substantially.

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