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Hit and run cases occur when one driver strikes another motor vehicle, causing injuries or property damage to that person. The driver failed to identify himself, exchange insurance information, or call for medical aid. In Orange County, California, hit and run offenses may be either a misdemeanor or a felony.

There are several factors that can impact the outcome of a hit and run conviction:

  • The driver’s past criminal record, if any
  • The extent of the property damage

  • The severity of the injuries

  • Whether or not the driver was under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or both

Are you or a loved one under investigation for a hit and run charge? You need a Newport Beach criminal defense lawyer to come to your defense! Attorney Scott D. Hughes is known for providing his clients, personalized, effective legal solutions and can stand firm for you through the entire criminal trial process.

Penalties for Hit and Run

Leaving the scene of an accident may be viewed by the court as a blatant disregard for others.

If convicted, an individual may face the following penalties:

  • Up to 3 years of probation

  • Up to 6 months in county jail

  • Up to $1, 000 in fines, plus court-assessed penalties

  • Restitution paid to victims

  • 2 points added to your driving record

The Law Office of Scott D. Hughes has been immensely successful at defending hit and run cases. In Newport Beach and throughout Orange County, there are countless numbers of cars traveling the roads and the freeways, making it that much more likely that someone could get involved with and even be accused of a hit and run offense.

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