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Harsh multiple DUI charges go into effect in Newport Beach on the second drunk driving or under the influence of drugs arrest. The penalties for second, third or fourth DUI convictions after the first increase significantly with each additional conviction. Sentencing and penalties can be as steep as over a year of jail time, $1000 fine, 4 year suspended license and mandatory enrollment in a drug or alcohol treatment program for up to 30 months. In fact, a fourth DUI offense results in felony charges being brought against the defendant. Going through Newport Beach, Huntington Beach or Orange County DUI proceedings once is emotionally stressful enough, but if you or someone you love is going through a multiple offense DUI, do not hesitate to call a dedicated defense attorney who will really go to bat for you.

Newport Beach DUI Defense Attorney

When you need an aggressive Newport Beach criminal defense lawyer you should call the Law Offices of Scott D. Hughes immediately. Whether this is the first offense or fourth, Mr. Hughes gives 100% in the defense of his clients. After a law enforcement officer pulls over an individual suspected of being intoxicated, that officer may conduct any of a number of field tests before an arrest. These tests tend to be fairly subjective and there are many reasons not at all related to any kind of illegal drug or alcohol intoxication that may cause a person to “fail” the test. Our firm is familiar with all aspects of these tests and goes over all the evidence that led to the DUI arrest or charge to find any and all procedural deviations or faults. When Attorney Hughes takes on a case, be assured that the client will get dedicated legal defense and representation no matter the circumstances. You deserve to have someone fighting for your rights.

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