Ignition Interlock Devices

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When you are arrested for or charged with DUI, it can be a very overwhelming time. You may have heard of an ignition interlock device (IID) before, but never imagined you would potentially have to have one installed in your vehicle. Many people have questions about these devices and wonder how they will affect their ability to drive, allow others to borrow their car, and so on.

The Newport Beach DUI lawyer from the Law Offices of Scott D. Hughes understands how overwhelming and confusing this time can be. With years of experience under his belt, he is able to provide clients insightful and helpful advice that prepares them for each and every step of their case. Whether you are still facing charges or are now at the stage were an IID needs to be setup in your car, his firm can provide the meaningful counsel you need to navigate this time and avoid further penalties.

How will an IID affect my ability to drive?

An IID is a device that is roughly around the size of a cell phone and is attached to your vehicle's ignition. In order to start the engine, the driver must provide a breath sample. If any alcohol is detected on the breath, the engine won't start and a report will likely be logged that can be reviewed by the court or law enforcement.

The required time for having an IID installed varies, but usually follows the pilot program:

  • First offense: 5 months
  • Second offense: 12 months
  • Third offense: 24 months
  • Fourth offense: 36 months

If there was injury to another involved in your DUI charge, you will be facing increased time periods.

Why You Need to Call Attorney Hughes Today

An ignition interlock device is essentially set up to prevent a driver from committing another DUI. While this is a great concept, it also puts a heavy burden on the driver. Not only do they have to pay for the initial installation fee of the IID, but they most also cover the monthly costs involved in operating the device.

Unfortunately, these devices can also be inaccurate at times, especially if improper maintenance was done. This means you could face consequences for incorrect readings, resulting in more penalties or fines.

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