Blood, Breath & Field Sobriety Tests

Blood tests, breath tests (such as the breathalyzer test) and field sobriety tests are used often by Newport Beach, Huntington Beach and Orange County law enforcement officers. If an officer suspects that a driver may be under the influence of illegal drugs, alcohol or even prescription drugs, the officer will pull that driver over and most likely conduct a field sobriety or breathalyzer test. Failing the tests can have very serious consequences including possible jail time if convicted for drunk driving or other DUI.

Once a driver has been pulled over, the most common test is a breathalyzer test. By blowing into the breathalyzer, the device determines the concentration of alcohol in the individual’s breath. Other common tests are the field tests in which an officer will ask the suspected drunk driver to perform one or more actions in order to determine if his or her ability to follow directions or physical motions is impaired by drugs or alcohol. Blood tests to determine the driver’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) can also be done. A blood sample is taken and analyzed in medical or other authorized facility. Blood tests do not give instant results since the sample must be analyzed. A BAC of 0.08% or higher or failing a field test can result in a DUI arrest.

DUI Test Defense in Newport Beach, CA

A skilled Newport Beach DUI defense lawyer has the familiarity with these tests to know their shortcomings and possible inaccuracies. Breathalyzer devices can often be misused or be out of calibration; blood samples may be mishandled by labs and field tests are very subjective. Your DUI defense begins with thorough analysis of the test evidence to determine if there was any deviation from procedure or if there are other physical factors that may have contributed to “failing” a sobriety test.

Newport Beach DUI Defense Attorney

Whether you or someone you care about has failed a DUI test and has been arrested or charged with a first DUI or if there are multiple offenses, it is imperative that you contact a Newport Beach criminal defense attorney right away. At the Law Offices of Scott D. Hughes many clients have found the aggressive representation they needed by a dedicated DUI defense lawyer.

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