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A warrant is issued by a judge on behalf of the state of California which authorizes the immediate on-site arrest of a person by law enforcement. Warrants are generally issued on individuals who are in contempt of court, meaning that they have failed to appear for a mandated court appearance, have failed to pay a fine, or have failed to comply with a court order.

If you have had a warrant issued in your name or you suspect you have one, whether you live in Newport Beach, Irvine, Huntington Beach, or anywhere in Orange County, it is important to get it handled. Even if your warrant has been issued by a judge in another county or area of the state, it can and must be handled. Contact the Newport Beach criminal defense lawyer at the firm to discuss your situation. Criminal defense lawyer Scott D. Hughes can provide the legal assistance you need to resolve this legal matter.


Often a person will avoid a court appearance for fear of being found guilty and having to face the consequences. By doing so, he or she may have a bench warrant issued by the judge at the time of the nonappearance. When stopped by law enforcement, the person will be arrested and detained until a hearing can be held. At the hearing, new bail may be ordered, new conditions, and a new court appearance date. If the person is determined to be a flight risk, he or she may be held without bail.

Warrants therefore can lead to more jail time, heavier fines, and other legal consequences. That is why it is necessary to handle them. By consulting with the Newport Beach warrants attorney at the firm, you will be moving to resolve the situation. Attorney Scott D. Hughes can work with judges and other attorneys to help lessen your legal penalties, keep you out of jail, and prevent further legal trouble. We serve clients in Newport Beach, Huntington Beach and the surrounding areas.

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