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Recently, Newport Beach has experienced a marked rise in the number of crimes, especially violent crimes, occurring in the area. Law enforcement has become increasingly more vigilant for the possibility a crime being committed.

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What Are Pre-File Investigations?

When someone has been accused of a crime in the Newport Beach area, pre-file investigations begin so that prosecutors and law enforcement can determine whether or not the evidence supports the charge.

However, if the evidence is insufficient to show that there was a crime committed or that the person was the one who committed it, then the case cannot move forward.

We can provide defense for numerous criminal offenses, including:

Make no mistake--every accusation, no matter the circumstances can have very serious consequences. That is why it is critical that you have a highly experienced and aggressive Newport Beach criminal defense attorney working on your case.

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From the moment charges are filed, it is imperative that your defense team acts quickly. The Law Office of Scott D. Hughes can handle the matter by providing one-on-one legal representation. He has intimate familiarity with the laws and is ready to fight and prevent charges from being filed, and defend you in a court of law if necessary.

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